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# 2 Tap water and fluoride.
Fluoride was first added to water in the 1940s as a means of preventing tooth decay because there weren’t any fluorinated products available, now fluoride products have increased considerably from processed beverages and foods, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, meat and Teflon. The modern diet has created a toxic cocktail, so is it really necessary to add it to the drinking water?
But whether you want it or not, it’s being added.
97% of European countries have rejected water fluoridation, but the rest of the world have either naturally occurring fluoride or artificial fluoridation.
I for one I would like to have a say in what goes in my tap water and what doesn’t and the only way I can control that is by having to spend money on a filter, there are plenty of options and price ranges, so I don’t moan too much about spending the money and after reading studies on how fluoride is linked to ADHD, Thyroid conditions, early puberty and lower IQ I just want to be safe and not sorry and also remembering my Mum’s mantra..everything in moderation…this way I’m taking charge of the amount of Fluoride my family gets everyday.
We still have “Hello” toothpaste with fluoride, go to the dentist, sometimes consume foods and beverages that may have fluoride in it, but the daily intake of drinking tap water is something you can monitor easily, so invest in a filtration jug or one that’s built into your water supply or fridge, plus a lot of these filters gets rid of other nasty chemicals that get pumped into our water supply.

I’m adding a new category to my site and will be adding all the recommended filtration systems.




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