About me

Hello there! I dislike talking about me, so I’m going to keep this short and give you a quick background of why I started The House Detox. Ten years ago, my mother passed away from breast cancer she had struggled with it for a while until it consumed her whole body. My Mum was the glue to our family and always had a big bright smile and encouraging words for anyone she met, I still see her face and do this for her and my family.

After my Mum passed, I started to wonder why? Cancer doesn’t run in our family, so maybe it isn’t hereditary. Just maybe it’s an environmental thing? Or maybe it’s stressed induced? Or maybe it’s what we put in our bodies? Who knows, but one thing for sure is I wasn’t going to blindly just apply things to my body and use chemicals in my home without knowing what’s in it. So I started to read the ingredients of everything I bought and I won’t lie, it was hard because the law in some countries doesn’t require companies to label ingredients on thier products. So then you have to write to the company to find out for yourself and most of them don’t respond back.

So over two years, I did my own research and started to clean up my home of all the chemical products that I was using. I created a system that was room by room so that way, I was able to focus on the one task at hand and really do a good job. Then the idea came to me, to create a website and share it with others that may be interested. At the time I was living in California and so my site was geared towards U.S products but now that I’m back living in Australia I’m changing the format to a more universal site that hopefully will help everyone no matter where they live.

I’m not a writer by any means nor am I a scientist but I truly love the process and I hope I do an okay job. Apart from working in the restaurant industry whilst trying to make a break as an actress, I have brought up two healthy, smart kids and that is my biggest achievement so far.

So Let’s Make Some Great Choices Together!