I spend a lot of time researching and spending my free time finding non toxic products to put on my website….I do it because I’m passionate about this subject matter and after experiencing how my whole family benefited because of the changes I made, I want to share it with others.

The House Detox was born because I decided to make a change in my life regarding what I use in the house and what goes on my family’s skin. We had either migraines, skin irritations or just that feeling of tiredness all the time.

I’m a busy parent and so instead of feeling overwhelmed all at once, I started my house detox, room by room, detoxing it one by one. The major difficulty I found was finding non-toxic products that actually worked, I will be honest, I’m not into cleaning with lemon and vinegar or using baking soda under my armpits but if that’s the path you want to take, go for it! This isn’t that website.

“The House Detox is all about products that won’t harm you or your family,that actually work!

Every product in each room I have tested to see if it works and whether my kids, cats and husband like it…if it does a terrible job, it doesn’t go on this site.

I test a lot of products and have had a few successes and a lot of fails. I try not to focus on just online shopping, but from local stores as well, so you have more options.

So hopefully I have created a place you can go to and find everything you need easily and conveniently to keep you, your family and your home toxic free.


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