Hi and welcome to the house detox, I decided to create this site as a way of recording down all the tried and tested products I have used. I wanted to clean my house of all toxic products and start with a clean slate and hopefully go forward with less allergies, skin issues, headaches and better sleeps.

I have done a room by room guide with a mini Toss it list, Why toss it and Tips. I’m not a scientist or a doctor I’m a regular mum who wants to see healthier, non toxic cleaning and beauty products. I was fed up of feeling “in the dark” when it came to product ingredients most of them I couldn’t pronounce, so I wanted to know what I was using all over my home?

This is an article from Our nation’s main law governing chemical safety — the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) — was seriously flawed and outdated. Until June 2016, the core provisions of the statute had never been amended since it was adopted, in 1976. Our broken chemical safety system allowed tens of thousands of chemicals to remain on the market without any review of their safety and chemical companies to put hundreds of new chemicals on the market every year without any demonstration that they were safe. The government had to have evidence that a chemical posed a risk before it could require testing – creating a Catch 22. Even for chemicals known to be dangerous, the government was virtually powerless to do anything. Finally, companies were given wide latitude to claim chemical information they submitted to the government to be trade secrets and hide it from the public and even from state and local governments and medical professionals.


My mission is to help you find clean, non toxic products that do the job, smell good, doesn’t take too much elbow grease and is cost effective so you can make better choices for yourself and family all on one site! So that’s what The House Detox is all about, an easy one stop shop to non toxic products that you can buy on-line or find at various stores to make your life easier.