Chemical Warfare

Chemical Warfare


Not that long ago I had a bottle of bleach in the house that I used for mold, stains, in the toilet and shower anywhere I could find that need a good dose of it and sometime I would wonder why my skin was slimy after accidentally touching it or why I would get a headache?

I then read an article about how three substances were responsible for most chemical weapon injuries and deaths during WW1 which are:

Chlorine, Phosgene (which is a chemical to make plastics and pesticides) and Mustard Gas.

LOL…Since then I haven’t bought any products that contain bleach and definitely not that big bottle of bleach under the sink.

Instead of bleach I found that by soaking whites in OXO Brite
which is an oxygen bleach (oxygen bleach and hydrogen peroxide are pretty much the same, it is a chemical compound of hydrogen and oxygen and is safe and has no negative impact to the environment) or using products with Hydrogen peroxide for cleaning

I really didn’t miss the headaches, I did try vinegar and baking soda but it didn’t work at all, but it does work in my cooking!

Bleach can be found in many cleaning products, toilet cleaners, wipes, hair colors, tooth paste, pesticides, paper, plastics and in our drinking water. To avoid it look for “Bleach free” and instead buy products with Hydrogen peroxide instead.

If you still want to use bleach remember that: Chlorine bleach cannot be mixed with Ammonia, Drain cleaners, Acids, Urine or any cleaning products as it can create toxic vapors that are dangerous if inhaled.

HD Tip:Store it away from little hands, always wear gloves, when using make sure the room is well ventilated and definitely keep it away from Ammonia!

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