The Deodorant Dilema

I have tried so many “non-toxic” Aluminum-free deodorants and spent a small fortune looking for the one that stops me from sweating, from smelling and stops that wet patch from happening.

The problem with non-toxic, Aluminum-free deodorants is that most of them don’t do the complete job very well, some contain baking soda, which can give an allergic reaction or they don’t work at all. One was so bad it gave me a rash that needed a steroid shot.

Then I stumbled on the one..Native is a brand I came across last year and tried out one of their regular deodorants and unfortunately, it gave me a rash, so I passed it on to my husband  😜 and he loved it!

I recently ordered some more for my teenager and decided to try the sensitive baking soda free version…and it works!  🍾

I’m so happy the search for me is over hopefully yours won’t take as long…Other options to try are Schmidt’s, Jason dry spray, Tom’s which are easily found in your local store or here #nontoxicbeauty #nontoxic#thehousedetox #nontoxicdeodorant



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