Everyday products to be aware of #4 Smells like summer rain…

Everyday products to be aware of #4 Smells like summer rain…

We all use laundry detergent to wash our clothes and we want them to come out clean and smelling good right? Who doesn’t! Plus we hope the ingredients are safe and won’t cause us any problems right…wrong! I found this out because of migraines and dry, itchy skin from some top brand, store bought detergents.

This was one of my hardest non-toxic product I had to find. It either didn’t clean my clothes or take away that sweaty smell, or it made my skin really itchy and my clothes hard and scratchy. After going through about 20 different laundry detergents classed as non-toxic, I really only found one that I personally love and that’s ATTITUDE laundry detergent.

The biggest problem with laundry detergents is that the labelling laws don’t require a full ingredient list and even if you did see the full list, how on earth do you decipher the names without a chemist degree!!! Or like me, you google them and figure it out. What I’ve figured out is this:

Words stating: Warning and Danger on the bottle and also Lung, Skin or Eye irritant means that there are nasty chemicals in the detergent.

If there are Bleach and brighteners, it will irritate and dry out your skin

If you see the words Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPEs) it’s a petrochemical that is an endocrine disruptor, known as the gender bender and is banned in Europe and Canada.

Anything with Fragrances or parfum is a concoction of over 100 + chemicals and is a hormone disruptor, and a probable carcinogen..plus it gives me headaches.

I literally could go on and on with a full list of all the bad stuff that goes into laundry detergents and softeners, but who has time and the memory to read it all.

So here’s what I’d suggest you look for when buying a detergent because some claim to be non-toxic.

  • 100% biodegradable
  • Free of colour and fragrance
  • Dye free and brightener free
  • Look for made with essential oils or naturally fragranced.

Note: If it’s bright blue and smells like summer rain…It’s probably too good to be true and definitely not natural.

Hope this helps!

Michelle@The House Detox

Michelle@The House Detox

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