Less is more and everything in moderation

Less is more and everything in moderation

Less is more…Everything in moderation!

How many times have I heard that in my life!

Yet it’s never really sunk in until now, I’ve quoted this to my kids as my mother did before me, yet I’m positive she believed in it wholeheartedly.

“Everything in moderation” could be said for anything and everything, but it’s only after I did The House Detox that it fully hit me on the head.

My home is free of all nasty chemicals and as a family, we’ve reduced our toxic burden on our bodies and I’ve seen huge improvements in allergies, migraines and skin/hair conditions.

So I’ve kept up the good work and maintained a non-toxic household.

Cue in moaning of teens “why can’t I use normal deodorant” or “but it smells so nice, like cotton candy”

Almost all products I stand my ground, but one of them I’m finding it hard not to use… bleach. I’ve tried so many kinds of non-toxic cleaners for mould and stained sinks but nothing works! So once in a while, I’ll spray a small amount of bleach right where it’s needed and maintain it for as long as possible. I started to feel guilty that I used it and then realised that mould was far worse, but as long as a small amount is used every now and then…it’s okay, right? It’s not like I have any ammonia around.

So whilst I’m confessing…I do use Moroccanoil Treatment just on the ends of my hair and boy does it smell good! (Moroccanoil has a few “suspect” chemicals) But aside from that everything else works great, my family and cats are healthy and my home is clean and green.

Reducing your toxic load and living as stress-free as possible, I believe, is the key to optimal health.

Less is more and everything in moderation xo

Michelle@The House Detox

Michelle@The House Detox

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