Living in a Plastic World

Living in a Plastic World

Living in a plastic world.

Everyday products or issues to be aware of #3

I’ve consciously tried so hard to get rid of plastic from my life, but it’s hard. We’re surrounded by plastic. It’s everywhere, the ocean, our landfills, our homes. For a day I took note of everything that’s made of plastic from containers of foods, drinks, receipts, T.V’s, beauty products, aeroplanes to cars, there’s no escaping it we are surrounded and it’s virtually impossible to live plastic free. So instead of losing my mind trying to be free of plastic, I decided to be conscious when I buy and of course my mantra of..everything in moderation 🙂 But there is a chemical I’m most concerned about in plastic and that’s BPA, I try really hard to stay away from it and the reason why is because it interferes with your body’s hormones (endocrine disruptor) and your hormones are like your body’s messenger coordinating complex processes like growth and metabolism and it can alter behaviour and influence the immune system. Basically not something I want to mess around with. So the products with BPA that I try to stay clear of are:

Paper instead of plastic for anything food related.

Glass instead of tin cans and plastic

Reusable glass/stainless steel bottles instead of disposable water bottles.

Kitchen utensils made of wood, stainless steel or silicon.

Storage containers made of glass or stainless steel.

Paper straws instead of plastic.

Reusable shopping bags I’ve saved for groceries

I always say no to receipts because of the BPA coating (also because it’s a waste of paper)

Some groups claim BPA is not toxic, but when other countries are banning it and companies are making “BPA Free” alternatives (which by the way aren’t that much better..apparently) I’m going with my gut and staying clear. I prefer the look of natural materials anyway and they last longer, you’re saving the planet and marine life and they’re recyclable. So don’t stress, but do try to make small changes when it comes to produce stored in plastic and tin cans and choose glass instead. Oh and one last thing…DO NOT microwave foods in plastic containers!! Those nasty chemicals will leach into your food.

That’s my small footprint on plastic.

 Photo by Velizar Ivanov on Unsplash

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