Mineral Sunscreen or Chemical Sunscreen?

Mineral Sunscreen or Chemical Sunscreen?

What’s the difference?

Physical or Mineral sunscreen contains zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide and sits on top of the skin and deflects the suns rays straight away. It’s good for sensitive skin, won’t clog pores and is good for people with heat activated skin, like my melasma prone skin. Unfortunately, most leave a white-ish cast after application (I have found some that disappear after a little rubbing) and you need to re-apply regularly through the day.

Chemical Sunscreens contain ingredients like oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate, octocrylene and a whole lot more chemical names that are too hard to say. This type of sunscreen gets absorbed into the skin rather than sitting on top. You don’t need to re-apply as much but you do have to wait 20 mins for it to work and sink in. The problem is the sinking in part…the absorption of chemicals into your system, the ones mentioned, they all mess with your hormones, estrogen and thyroid. The chemical oxybenzone and octinoxate are being banned in Hawaii due to the harm it has caused the coral reefs and marine life. Octocrylene also shows signs of affecting marine life, but more studies need to be made.

So, here are the choices:

1- Use a chemical sunscreen which gets absorbed into your body, disrupts and messes around with the thyroid system and kills our planet… or…

2- Use a mineral sunscreen that doesn’t get absorbed into your body, that doesn’t mess with our underwater ecosystem and leaves our thyroid alone, to do what it naturally does.

I have been using mineral sunscreens for awhile now, the ingredients are simple to read and better for me in the long run, although I haven’t found the perfect “invisible” zinc these are still pretty good: Think Sport, Babo, All Good, Badger (which I’m using now) and Juice beauty. I got lazy and bought SuperGoop without reading the ingredients, thinking it was natural…but forget it…the ingredients suck and the price tag was ridiculous!

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