Bon Ami All Natural Powder Cleanser 14 Oz Shaker


Bon Ami still uses the trademark feldspar and limestone as gentle, effective abrasives, but now combines them with even more sustainable cleaning agents. Plus we’ve added a touch of baking soda to help absorb odors.

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Before cleaning turned “chemical,” there was bon ami. We build cleaning tools made with mineral Ingredients that serve a simple purpose: to return your home to a natural state of clean. The softer abrasive. Saves the shine on hard surfaces.

  • America’s Original Natural Home Cleaner
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Ingredients: 5 Simple Ingredients: Limestone, Feldspar, Biodegradable Cleaning Agents, Soda Ash, and Baking Soda.


Instructions: Sprinkle, scrub, and rinse. Perfect for cleaning pots and pans, the kitchen sink, bathroom tile, and other hard surfaces. Do not use on windows, glass, or mirrors. Test in a hidden spot on polished or glossy surfaces prior to using.


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