Shampoo Shocker

Shampoo Shocker

There’s something nasty in your hair…it’s your shampoo??

With ingredients like SLES, SLS, DMDM hopefully, we the consumer, won’t really look into what those names represent. They’re basically surfactants and preservatives to make your product foam and last for years!

The only concern:

In most cases, they’re a product of petroleum and can contain 1,4 Dioxane and Ethylene Oxide which are probable carcinogens. This may all sound very flimsy, but in reality more and more products are stating “no SLS or SLES” and Paraben free and that in itself is an important message.

Most people wash their hair every day so over time those residual chemical levels build up. So looking into what shampoo and conditioner you use are very important for you and your family.

For me, finding a non toxic shampoo that worked, was one of the HARDEST products to find because most made my hair feel brittle, hard to brush and some didn’t smell that nice and my old shampoo made my hair smell delicious all day. But I have two favorites that are non toxic and do all the things I love and my hair is healthier, thicker and it’s growing now  🙂

The House Detox TIPs

Look for labels stating
– SLS, SLES free
– Parabens free
– DMDM free
– Fragrance-free

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To see my favourites!

NOTE: I sometimes pick Acure Shampoo up for a BARGAIN at TJ Maxx and Marshalls




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