Stressful Life Event Done!

We did it! We moved house to a new country, new schools and new job and were starting all over again.

Over these last few months of chaos and ups and downs, I’ve noticed a few changes in allergies and skin irritations and I guess in my situation it came down to a couple of things, like, change of climate, lack of sleep and buying products that I recognised, grabbed it and didn’t think about. I realised that I had slipped back to using products I swore never to use. Enter skin flaring up, itchy scalp and super dry skin…thats when I slapped myself in the face and thought…get it together and don’t be lazy…look at the ingredients list and figure this all out…again.
It seems the food manufacturers in Australia are required to list all ingredients, which is awesome and gives the consumers the right to choose so that’s half the battle. But regulations regarding cosmetics and household products are not so good…and so my journey begins on the flip side.

But I will still post articles that hopefully will help and guide you wherever you are in the world. My next ariticle is about the everyday products and items that will take 1000 years to decompose and in fact sceintits say it will never biodegrade. Stay tuned!

Michelle@The House Detox

Michelle@The House Detox

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