The Plastic Revolution!

Plastic has revolutionized the world and has freed us and created an easier life. But in doing so, it’s slowly destroying our world and its ecosystem. So until we find a better solution to breaking down the polymers that make up plastic, it will take anywhere from 50 years to 1000 years to decompose depending on what type of plastic.

We can make a difference and here’s how:

  • Be aware of what you’re buying, if there’s an option to buy the same item in a box, or glass buy it (Washing powder in a box instead of a plastic bottle, sauce in a jar or bottle instead of plastic, wooden clothes pegs instead of plastic,)
  • Bars of soap instead of disposable hand-pumped soaps.
  • Stop buying plastic water bottles
  • When shopping opt for paper bags or bring your own. (I’m appaled that here in Australia big chain stores still give out plastic bags!)
  • No to plastic straws and plastic cutlery
  • Ditch the cling film and use foil or waxed paper instead.

When you make the decision to reduce your own plastic footprint, it sends a message to retailers, manufacturers and the government that this is important. Not only is it destroying our environment it’s also toxic through inhalation and ingestion.

Look I’m just as guilty, looking at the amount of plastic in my fridge and cupboard I’m ashamed… I’ve been consciously trying to find glass bottles and containers of food items and felt so proud in doing it! Now I look again and see plastic yoghurt containers and juice bottles creeping in and it’s frustrating…I guess we can’t cut it out completely unless were going to live in a wooden house and off the grid but we can start somewhere and the key is to not get too overwhelmed. Make a few good choices and stick with it. Every little thing counts and hopefully in the meantime one of us will come up with a solution to our problem.

Note: Plastics to be aware of #1 #3 #6 #7 these are connected to breast cancer, prostate cancer, endocrine disruption and have been tested carcinogenic in nature.

Michelle@The House Detox

Michelle@The House Detox

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