Trying to live without Plastic…

Trying to live without Plastic…

Is near enough impossible, but I try, because the chemicals used to make certain plastics like BPA (which is everywhere) have been linked to early puberty, impaired brain function, hormone disruption and has reversed the sex in frogs. Phthalates are another man-made chemical that disrupts the Endocrine system and interferes with Estrogen and Testosterone, effects infertility and have been linked to breast cancer and testicular cancer.

BPA and Phthalates are found in dental fillings, plastic containers, house dust, receipts, lining in cans of food and plastic water bottles just to name a few. I know that sounds overwhelming, but being aware and making small changes is where it all starts, you’ll also be helping the environment too, not just yourself and family.

10 things you can do towards eliminating plastic.

  • No to take away coffee cups – Bring your own reusable
  • No to plastic water bottles – Use your own refillable or buy water in a glass bottle.
  • No to plastic cutlery – Use wooden cutlery or bring your own
  • No to straws – Use paper or re-usable metal straw or try just sipping from the cup.
  • No to cling wrap – Use beeswax wraps or foil
  • No to Chewing Gum (It’s made from plastic and isn’t biodegradable) – Buy Simply Gum / Glee Gum or search the internet for natural gum.

Tip: Always ask for icecream in a cone rather than in a cup and when shopping, use the paper bags they have for mushrooms instead of the plastic they offer.

Michelle@The House Detox

Michelle@The House Detox

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